If you end up at Casino Winner you will soon notice that not only casino games can be played, but also that sports betting can be concluded. All of this is possible on the same site but within its own department.



Bonuses at Casino Winner betting on sports

If you register yourself as a gambler you can also receive a nice welcome bonus for sports betting. Based on your first deposit, you will receive a 100% welcome bonus that can run up to a maximum amount of € 75. This sports bonus is therefore entirely dependent on your first top-up, which means that you will have control over the amount that you receive as a bonus from Casino Winner Sport.

Casino Winner Sportsbetting

Place bets on different sports

If you are interested in sports betting, you will of course always be able to do this on your favourite sport. Although there is a big preference for specific sports worldwide, there are also less popular sports that deserve the necessary attention. If you want to bet on sport at Casino Winner, you can also find a lot of different sports with competitions to place a first bet. Football, tennis, ice hockey, rugby, cycling and darts are of course always available, but also Formula 1, Snooker and Volleyball are highly rated when it comes to taking a gamble.

Live betting

The nice thing about sports betting at Casino Winner is that you can not only bet before a match starts, but also while a match is in progress. Live betting is not only more exciting, but also offers you more opportunities to work towards a possible profit. The marginal note to be made here is that you will of course receive less pay if you only start betting when the team has already started playing. If you are going to bet live, it is therefore extremely important to keep a close eye on developments during a match in between.

Placing mobile sports bets

Kroon Casino Sportsbetting

To round off our explanation about sports betting at Casino Winner, we want to let you know that you don’t have to use your computer or laptop. Do you regularly use your smartphone or tablet? Even then you can place sports betting at Casino Winner and start winning big. With your online account you can also make mobile bets, so there will always be only one balance needed to play.

If you open the mobile sports website, you will also see that there is no restriction when it comes to specific sports that can be chosen mobile. All sports that you can choose online to make a bet on are always available for your mobile device. Thanks to this development, it no longer matters where you are. As long as you have a good internet connection through a subscription or Wi-Fi you can play sports betting everywhere at Casino Winner!

Which events are currently available for a bet? You can find it all at Casino Winner sport!