Salon Privé

Do you want to enjoy a more unique experience when it comes to gambling from home? At Casino Winner you will not only find a “regular” live casino, but you will also have the opportunity to gamble live via Salon Privé.

When you get to the Salon Privé game page you will soon know what this is about. If you choose this option, you will be welcome in an exclusive way 20 hours a day at various gaming tables with a live dealer.

Salon Privé is for experienced players

Especially the VIP players who want to play blackjack or roulette with high amounts will certainly benefit from this. From home you can of course start a much safer electronic transfer with a larger amount. Casino Winner’s Salon Privé will be held at the Portomaso Casino in Malta and offers you the opportunity to play and watch a real casino table. It is not surprising then that other players can come into the picture from the physical casino and you can follow the bets from home!

Play live blackjack or roulette

If you choose to play table games at Salon Privé at Casino Winner, you can choose a roulette table and there are 2 blackjack games. If you want to play at Salon Privé roulette, you can always play between 10:00 and 05:00. As far as the betting limits you should know that these can vary from € 5 to a maximum of € 500 that can be placed. On the other hand, as mentioned, it is always an option to play at Salon Privé blackjack. There you can also work with various bets, which will vary between a minimum of € 25 and a maximum amount of € 25,000!

More info on the Salon Private gaming tables

A nice development, which is also an immediate advantage of Salon Privé, is that you can find ample information while playing this way. When you open Salon Privé you will get an explanation of what you can expect from the gaming tables, which immediately creates the necessary confidence. You cannot only find information about the games themselves, but also about the number of games that are still free to participate on. Furthermore, if you for example play live Salon Privé roulette you can also count on different statistics. Continuously the 10 most recent numbers are shown, and the game indicates which numbers have the big chances to appear and which numbers are most likely to win according to the statistics.

Salon Private play at Casino Winner

Have you also become enthusiastic about the possibilities that Salon Privé has to offer? Then it might be advisable to take a look. To play, you will of course need an account, but a registration is easily arranged. You can login in just a few minutes!