Roulette spelen

One of the most played table game you can find at the online casino is roulette. Why roulette is so popular? That has everything to do with the many chances of winning that you can enjoy at this table game.

Stakes can be placed within the rules of the game on inside and outside bets, which means that you have control over how far you spread the risk.
If you are going to play roulette at Casino Winner, your goal is to predict which number will be winning at every table. The more risk you have taken, the higher the payouts for a profit will ultimately be. Also play? Keep in mind that at Casino Winner different kinds of roulette can be played. Which types of these are listed below.



Play European Roulette

Among the types of roulette that can be played at the online casino, European roulette is certainly the most popular one. It is therefore not without reason that Casino Winner has also included this variant in the table game selection. If you are going to play the European version, you will start playing on a table game with a green playing field. The boxes you can place bets on have English names, so that playing will always be clear. If you opt for live roulette at Casino Winner, you can also take part in a Dutch gaming table for this variant.

Play Roulette

If you are going to bet on the playing field, you do this on a total of 37 numbers. You can opt for direct betting within the field by placing your chips, but also for a spread bet on series. As soon as you have wagered, the ball in the wheel will determine whether you have managed to win.

Online French Roulette

Although you may now expect a very extensive explanation about French roulette, we can be very short about this variant. When playing this roulette version you will play according to the European rules. The only difference is that the playing field is blue and that denominations are given in French language. An extra possibility that this type of roulette usually has to use is a burgeoning game. This means that a complete impression of the cylinder as a kind of racetrack is displayed next to the playing field. Do you have the idea that the ball will stop around a certain number? Then, in the burring game, you can bet on this specific number with 1 to 8 neighbor numbers.

American Roulette

The last variant of roulette that you can play online is American roulette. This type of roulette is different because of the number of numbers that are available to play with. If you choose American roulette, you can win on a total of 38 numbers. This is due to the addition of 00 next to the regular 0. Another important difference is the layout of the game. In American roulette, the cylinder is differently arranged, which means that successive numbers will be found opposite each other. Inside bets, outside bets and a possible game to bet on will be the same.