Punto Banco

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The online punto banco game, which is also called baccarat, is very popular with Casino Winner players. Not only because you can easily understand the rules of the game, but also because the profits at a gaming table can run very high.

If you play punto banco you must know that it is always played according to fixed rules and that you really only have to predict which hand will win, that of player or dealer. On the other hand, you can also make a profit by correctly predicting a draw, but that is something that will happen less often.



Game rules punto banco

Once you have determined which bet you will place, you will see that 2 cards are dealt for both hands at punto banco. As soon as a specific hand has 8 or 9 points, it will be directly designated as the winner. Of course, this is only if the other hand has fewer points in total and a tie can therefore occur. If a hand consists of 6 or 7 points, you will see that it remains out of 2 cards and it is wait and see what the total points of the other hand will be. A hand with 5 points or less is always dealt a one-off extra card, with which the total number can be increased.

Payouts punto banco

When a result is known, you can of course win different payouts when you play punto banco. The moment you predict a draw well you will get the most profit. In that case, you will be paid the bet 9x immediately. Are you going to play punto banco and win a bet on the dealer? Then your wager is doubled after 5% commission has been deducted from the total. This is the house advantage and therefore also a fixed rule. A win on a player is doubled equal to your credit and is therefore not charged with any commission.

Playing with high or low bets

If you play punto banco online at Casino Winner you will see that you can start with both high and low bets. Placing a low bet is already possible from just € 0.10 eurocent per round of play. You have the least risk when you play a lower bet, but you will not easily win huge amounts. Do you want to win more money? Then you can opt for high bet punto banco. You usually play at gaming tables with a minimum bet of € 1 or € 5. The maximum bet can vary in height and will usually vary from a few thousand to tens of thousands of euros per turn.