Not only players, but also the online casinos themselves consider privacy to be very important. It is logical that you will have to provide data to Casino Winner, but of course you want to be sure that privacy is guaranteed for this.

On this page we will give you an explanation about Casino Winner and how they deal with the privacy of its players. It is also important to know that you always have to accept the question about cookies at Casino Winner. This casino needs the cookies to differentiate between accounts, so that no game play can be confused.


Minimum age for gambling

If you want to gamble at Casino Winner you will have to be at least 18 years or older. This of course has everything to do with the legal requirements that are set for players from European countries. Because our southern neighbors have their own licensing scheme, you will have to be at least 21 years old at Casino Winner in Belgium to be allowed to open an account. Do you not meet the minimum age requirements, but did you still open your own player account? Keep in mind that it may happen that this is deactivated when Casino Winner finds out and you have lost everything!

Why provide personal information

When you sign up at Casino Winner to gamble you will always have to provide various personal details. This is logical, because when you increase your balance by winning you naturally want the money to be linked to you as a person. In addition, the casino can check in this way whether you meet the age requirement. Later on the details are also needed to generate a pay-out.

Storage of data

Casino Winner, like all other online casinos, is only entitled to a license if data is stored in a secure manner. Since there is a license, we know that the storage of data is well organized and also how it is handled further. Casino Winner has issued a statement that they do not pass on or sell data to third parties, so you do not have to worry about transferring your data and storing them.

Payouts and deposits with a credit card

In order to be able to transfer money from your credit card and to generate withdrawals to the card, Casino Winner needs a copy of it. This is necessary to prevent fraud, which they do by comparing the credit card details with a copy of your identity card. Good, of course, because you do not want someone with your credit card data to bet a lot or be abusive and take your winnings!

Control of bank details

We would like to tell you more about slots and about how big winnings are processed. If a jackpot is won at Casino Winner or you win another nice amount of winnings, you will have to check your bank account before this can be paid out to you. If your account number, address details and name match only then can a payment be made. Good to know is that this only applies to the very large amounts, which in this case are profits that are higher than € 2000 euros. Monitoring data is only requested when you have requested a withdrawal yourself.