Koi Princess

koi-princessVideo slot Koi Princess was launched in November 2015 by its developer Netent. A Japanese Anime slot with all the animations that you should not miss when it comes to game experience. All the symbols that can be played in the game are in fact arranged entirely in style of the game and also the sounds that you hear will not lie. From the first moment that you end up on this slot machine you will see that you play on 5 reels to be able to win prizes. In doing so, each turn is displayed with 15 symbols and you can win from left to right on a total of 20 paylines. The prizes you can win are indicated in the price table per symbol type and number.

Playing with a bonus bet

Every game round you play Koi Princess you have the possibility to place a bonus bet. If you use this option, you will place a double bet and increase the odds of activating a random prize bonus or the bonus game. Moreover, the prizes that can be won on the bonus wheel and the Sure Win Free Spins are also immediately adjusted.

Random bonus prizes

If you start to gamble on the reels of Koi Princess, you can see all random bonus features started. The nice thing is that you do not see them coming, but they can get you a lot of nice winnings. Below is a brief overview of random bonuses that can be expected from Koi Princess.

• 5 Hit bonus
The first bonus that can be activated randomly is the 5 Hit bonus. If you receive this you will see that a winning combination of 5 similar symbols will appear during the next spin. Which symbols these are and on which payline the price is turned will be determined randomly with this feature.
• Random Wild bonus
The Wild symbol that can be played at Koi Princess is able to replace other symbols. During the Random Wild bonus a game round will be played, with a total of at least 4 and a maximum of 9 Wild symbols being placed on the reels as a substitute. This number is of course arbitrarily determined.
• Wild Reels bonus
As with the Random Wild bonus, the Wild Reels bonus also has something to do with the replacement of symbols. At the moment you receive this random bonus prize you will see a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 reels covered with Wild symbols during the next spin. Which will award even more and higher prizes.
• Bonus game activation
Not only the extra functions mentioned above can be activated randomly, but also a bonus game can be won. For this, random 3 bonus symbols must be placed on reels 1, 3 and 5 and a random bonus game will start immediately.

Bonus games at Koi Princess

As indicated in the last random bonus price, you will also be able to see regular bonus games being activated while playing this Koi Princess video slot. This includes Sure Win Free Spins, Wild Reels Free Spins, Coin Win and a bonus wheel. If you get the Free Spins features of Koi Princess, you will see the reels run 10x for free. With the Sure Win function, you are guaranteed to receive 10 times a win that is at least equal to the lowest high in this mode. The reels at The Wild Reels Free Spins are with 2 or more reels completely covered with Wild symbols. On the other hand, as mentioned, you can receive a direct Coin Win (coin profit) and it is possible to spin the bonus wheel. There you can find 3 layers where prizes can be won with a maximum of 5x multiplier!

Play Koi Princess at Casino Winner

Are you enthusiastic about the many possibilities that the Koi Princess video slot has to offer? Then play this video slot at Casino Winner today, where you will not be obliged to play for money. You can also play this slot for free with a virtual credit to practice or of course just for fun. Players who want to play for money pay attention! If you are betting on Koi Princess you cannot set up pay lines, but you will be able to change the coin value and the level of betting. The bet level can be set at a maximum of 10 and the coin value can be set at a maximum of € 1 euro. This means that every player has to spin the wheels at least with € 0.20 per cent per round and you can play with a maximum of € 200 per spin! Have fun at Casino Winner